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Watch the video above and learn why we have been responsible for over 456,000 referrals in 47 states. With over 3 decades of experience and conferring with 175,000+ lawyers and 1000+ medical speicailists, primary care medical providers and emergency room departments in 30 states, we have a formula that is customized to your practice. Our program is proven, reproducible and is updated regularly with new insurance mandates, court rulings and chiropractic/medical research.

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Thank you for being a part of the Academy of Chiropractic as you are now part of the Personal Injury / Primary Spine Care program. Our consulting services are included with your participation and are filled with many creative, effective and time proven "action steps" explained in detail, to create a business strategy customized to you and your practice. We will not a create marketing plan for you, together we will  craft a practice strategy designed to capture multiple marketshares to ensure your practice's growth for the rest of your career.  To enter the site, please enter the password that was sent to you via e-mail. As always, I welcome suggestions to make this the most successful experience in building your practice and relationships. Never forget that you get unlimited consulting, so call anytime on any issue.

Members Toolbox:

  1. Forms: Practice Systems & Marketing # 14 below
  2. Medical-Legal Library #12 below
  3. Narratives Done for You #16 below
  4. IME/Peer Review Rebuttals Done for You #18 below
  5. Social Media Marketing #17 below
  6. Unlimited Consulting 631-786-4253

Quick Start Program

IF... you have an urgent meeting with a lawyer, read this... otherwise, start at #1 to "Build Your Infrastructure"


#1 Build Your Infrastructure
The foundation for your immediate & future success. A step-by-step playbook that will last the rest of your career. Certified by over 1000 DC's as their reason for their success. This section teaches you future trends on how to prepare for tomorrow and is updated weekly based upon changes in the industry. 

#2 CV & Credentials
Without formal credentials many lawyers cannot work with you and most medical speacialists and primary care providers won't. This is also a prime marketing centerpiece for the public to get new PI cases.

#3 Narratives
Our "Colossus to the Courtroom" program is taught here. This is updated frequently as research, court rulings and insurance practices change.Our documentation program takes you from settlement to verdict. 


#4 Office Systems,  Admissibility & Get Paid
We give you forms, SOAP notes, legal documents, business systems and a proven program to get paid on every lien, every claim and every case.

#5 Lawyers & Medical Specialists
Meetings & Communications

How to set up meetings, what to say, what to bring, how to get the lawyers and medical providers to refer without ever asking for the referral.

#6 Marketing-Marketing
We give you a Web site, tools and step-by-step instructions to market lawyers and the public. Marketing usually fails unless you have built your infrastructure.

You are now ready to implement the program. Sections 7-11 will advance your practice to a higher level.

The Following section contains CE Credits and 6 FREE PACE credits per year are included in the program

Doctors PI Program “Members Toolbox”

Our Doctors Successes!


Nebraska 2013:

I have had over a dozen attorney meetings. Every single attorney has said they have never seen a chiropractor with such impressive credentials or a narrative as solid as mine. One firm scheduled me to come back so the other three partners could hear what I had to say. Another asked me if I would be an expert witness on a case. Then there is the 7 new patients I have had today, with 4 coming from one attorney. This crazy stuff seems to work. Thank you for making me the best of the best, it is worth all the hard work

Georgia 2013:

The Month of February was a great month and I am writing to tell you our stats which you can use any way you want to in your advertising...New PI patients 43. I attribute my success to your program and your unparalleled coaching.

New York 2013:

In 2010 I had 30% growth, in 2011 I had 53% growth, in 2012 I had 50% growth. In 2013 I now have 36% growth. I should be close to 60% this year compared to last. Every time you "tweak" the program, I get busier!

Georgia 2013:

I have been in the program for a few years. As the program changes, I get more new PI cases. Last year I averaged 27 new PI cases per month and this year, the number increased to 33 per month. Keep the changes coming.

New York 2013:

I got 6 referrals after my first lawyer meeting

North Carolina 2013:

Without your program, none of this would be happening! I would be begging attorneys for referrals without a clue of what they really want. I’m not trying to pump you up too much, but you are changing our lives with this program, which allows us to help our community. At the end of the day, the money is insignificant, it’s helping people that makes this world a better place. Thank you for helping me help others, raising up the profession and improving my families quality of life. Oh yeah, I have 7 new PI patients this week.

New Jersey Lawyer 2013:

I will only work with doctors that you have trained. Every time I work with one of your doctors, we win our cases.

Pennsylvania 2013:

I just got off the phone with an attorney that I had never met before. He called me because he has a difficult case he wants me to look at and he heard "around town" that I was the "real deal"...those were his exact words! I thought you'd get a kick out of that one considering you tell us all the time if you want to succeed, you have to be the REAL DEAL.

Washington 2012:

When I started in 2011 my practice was 8% PI and as of last month it was 30%. Thanks

Florida 2013:

As you know I have been in the program with you for several years and continue to grow and learn. I just returned from lunch with an attorney I work with and we review ALL cases once a month. He mentioned today that he is no longer working with any other Chiropractors and has advised the three junior attorneys in his office to do the same. He says my cases routinely settle for significantly higher amounts than any other his firm has ever worked with. I currently have over 70 open cases with him and the last soft tissue, non-surgical disc case just settled for $80K with State Farm. I'm looking forward to whatever you may have coming up soon!

New York 2013:

You could have warned me about this program! Holy Sh_t!! I happened to have spoken to a few attorneys in the course of business and am using your language and OMG!!! I literally had an attorney say to me, "OK-Let's open the flood gates to your office." They're asking me for packages about myself. I'm shocked at how fast things are happening but it's all good. And it makes me feel pumped. I'm excited. So far this course is far exceeding expectations.

California 2013:

This is one of the best programs I have been a part of because it was not only about getting referrals, but also about compliance, marketing, new laws that are changing how we run our practices and really how to be the "Best of the Best".

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